Monday, 3 August 2009

If you were born in the 80s...the 80s

We spent the 90s being embarrassed about the 80s which had many unique fashion trends. Now the 80s has become retro cool and fashion forecasters predict that 80s fashion of shiny leggings, and neon brights will continue into the Autumn and big shoulders will be a key look. Duran Duran have reformed and A-ha have just released their 9th album. 80s fashion and culture is everywhere.

Easily Sorted brings you some of the 80s fashion, some we still love and some which will (hopefully)be firmly designated to fashion history.

The Global Hypercolour T Shirt

So popular in the 80s yet such a bad idea! The t shirt changed colour according to body temperature so you could end up with quite embarrassing colour change under the arms or marks from roving hands. Not yet made a come back but one that we can just look back and smile at.

The Shellsuit

Eek, what was the shellsuit about? The shellsuit was born in the 80s as a tracksuit for jogging in with its parachute like material in clashing neon colours. Not one of the 80s most flattering creations. There is however a website dedicated to the shell suit cause. begins "The Shellsuit revolution has begun. It will be unruly, grimy and uncivilised. Clashing colours, shiny materials and lungeing will be at its heart and it shall take no prisoners. Some revolutions are led by the majority, others by a small band of revolutionaries. This one is the latter, the indoctrinators omni present; Jimmy Saville, Kriss Akabusi, Mr Motivator and Pat Sharpe."

Jimmy Saville may still be seen running round Leeds with his shellsuit but I say run and hide away from the shellsuit. It's just wrong!

Neon Leggings and Cycling Shorts

While I fondly remember wearing brink pink neon cycling shorts as a child thankfully they have not yet made a come back. Neon leggings however have and the ones pictured to the left are Tribal Leggings from Urban Outfitters and are £28.00. Wear with a white top or for true 80s fashion, and for the more daring, with a clashing top.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads for women became popular in the 80s as power dressing began with women making a statement in the work place that they were on a par with men. Shoulder pads are set for a revival this year, as one of the key looks for this Autumn is big shoulders. The clashing Neon Dress with Shoulder Pads, pictured to the right is very 80s and is £35.00 from Asos.

The dress to the left is from Zara's Autumn/Winter collection and is one of several pieces inspired by the 80s big shoulder look.

Cross the Body Bags

These were popular in the 80s along with "bum bags." While not quite as garish as an 80s neon fabric bum bag, this cross the body Louis Vuitton bag £1,480 has a very 80s feel to it with its bright yellow colour and sporty design. An expensive way to keep up with 80s trends but it is bound to make you stand out from the crowd.

Boom Box

Boom Boxes or Ghetto Blasters incorporated loud speakers, an amplifier, and a radio casette. They became very popular in the 80s and were associated with 80s breakdancing and hip hop. For an 80s retro bag with a difference check out the
Living Dead Souls "Boom Box" Print Bag with Built-In Speakers £23.50 from

80s Cartoons

I may be biased being a child of the 80s but there were some classic children's tv shows in that decade. One of the greats was Trap Door originally shown in 1984 and starred Berk as the caretaker of the monster's castle and the soundtrack "Stay away from that Trap Door- cos there's something down there." Get your retro Ladies Black Trap Door T Shirt by Forever Famous for £24.99 from

Big Yellow Teapot

While we are on the subject to childhood memories, one of my favourite things from the 80s is the Big Yellow Teapot! It combined the idea that girls like tea sets and dolls houses by bringing the two together. Very random but it provided hours of entertainment with little people who span around in the top of the teapot and slid down the spout!


Em said...

I'd forgotton all about those hypercolour t-shirts. Definitely not an item I'd dare to wear on the tube!