Monday, 24 November 2014

Britain Loves Talent Shows (you deserve to be in the final)

Yes Britain does love (or sometimes love to hate) talent shows. It's that combination of  Butlins style performance underpinned with some actual talent (or even amazing talent from time to time), all from the comfort of your sofa.

And we get to be an expert on all things  talent ourselves. Ohh what is Cheryl wearing, who is she to comment on singing, how has Louis stayed on the panel for this long, if they say "now for me" once more, did you see the look she gave her etc etc.

As Simon Cowell gets a bit richer we all get entertained. It's fun switch off TV. There are staged rows, diva tantrums, the sob stories but yet it is still not tired.

It began many years ago with the likes of Opportunity Knocks. We had Popstars, Popstars the Rivals, Fame Academy, X Factor, BGT, Strictly ...  The format is still going strong.

Ok X Factor's figures might be falling but it is still pulling in 7.8 million viewers.

Not bad going really. So how many of those 7.8 million admit to actually enjoying it (or even watching it)?